• SNAP together, and connectable on all 6 sides of a block.
  • New 3D connective features enable infinite creative possibilities.
  • Slide and Rotate connected blocks in reference to one another. This provides movement abilities as well as enabling creations to infinitely adjust, evolve, and even morph into something totally new.
  • Provides auditory connective feedback. As SNAPO blocks are connected, they emit a satisfying SNAP sound, which confirms that a connection has been made. This pleasing sound is part of the building experience that helps keep children’s interest and focus.
  • An excellent STEAM product (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).
  • Good for your child’s brain development, stimulates creative thinking, expands spatial and fine motor skills, and eye hand coordination.
  • Provides kids a platform to create whatever their evolving minds imagine, without the connective limitations of traditional blocks.
  • SNAPO takes building blocks to the next level in creativity, open-ended building and free play.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • BPA-free, non-magnetic, washable, and safety tested.


"I recently purchased Snapos at the NAEYC conference in Los Angeles. I currently teach 4 year olds at The Seedling School in Claremont, CA. I explained to them that I was waiting for a special mail delivery so they anticipated the arrival of the new toy. I brought them into class two days ago and they have played with them nonstop!!! THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVE SNAPO!! The boys are building cars and flying contraptions and the girls are building these wide rainbow walls! Thank you for being so friendly and inviting at the conference. Your enthusiasm for your product was the reason I came back to purchase. I look forward to sharing them with the other teachers at my school. I will save my money to add to my set since the children have already asked how they can "put people" onto their creations." - Sincerely, Susie Smith


"Thank you! I just wanted to tell you how much we love Snapo blocks at our house. My five year old has autism and loves to build with them. They have come camping, to the beach, on airplanes, anywhere we go they go. They are great for his fine motor skills and sparking his creativity! Thanks for designing such a great toy. :)"  - Alexis


"Hi, I have received my order of snapos, thank you the children love them!" -  Yesenia Sanchez, KinderCare Child Development Center, Pinedale , CA


"We got a sample package of 80 with our monthly package from Citrus Lane for our 4 year-old son. They send samples of new, cool, age-appropriate toys etc.. for kids for a monthly fee, and your product was in our last package. Our son loves them. - Scott D Wylie, Psy.D., MSCP




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