What Customers Are Saying

"My boys love playing with the snapo blocks (as many buckets as i buy its not enough" - Simi Fuchs


"Snapo is an excellent, American made company that stands behind their product! We will be return customers for sure!!"  - Brandy Emerich


"My little man was so excited to play with his first set of standard Snapos! I'm so proud of him, he built the little car all on his own strait away! He then set out right away to build a bigger car! He spent the next hour playing with his cars on the floor, making some changes to them every so often with Snapos, then continued playing with them some more...my little man is growing up!Jennifer Old-Lawrence


"My daughter loves Snapo. How she spends a Sunday afternoon. Learning at play." -  Rose DesRochers 


"I got these for my two grandsons ages 4 and 7. The boys love them and mom and dad like them too because it keeps them occupied with something fun and constructive! - Beth Flanagan


"The children in my daycare (as well as my own) LOVE these blocks. We have the big ones for the younger ones and the smaller ones for the bigger ones for when the young ones are napping. Being able to snap them together by the sides like FOX showed is just the beginning! They go up and down each other-we have made buildings with "elevators" going up and down the side, have used it to count "up" and "down",etc- and they rotate too, so helicopters are a favorite too! Would highly recommend these to other daycares, centers, schools and mums and dads. Great birthday or Christmas gift idea or as a take along toy for a night at grandmas! - Michelle Cindy Sousa