About us

Our Mission

To provide Children with the ideal launch pad platform from which they have the ability to create and build whatever their evolving minds imagine, as they discover and learn. 

To inspire individuality and advancement in young minds, through creative thinking.

To provide a healthy, stimulating, fun, addictive-in-a-good-way, alternative to TV and video games, that sparks creativity and open ended free play. In Today’s world, our overloaded, overscheduled, and overstimulated children are using their imaginations less than ever. It is becoming a serious crisis. Let us together reverse this trend and “build” a healthy future for our children!


Our History

Traditional blocks by design have become somewhat boring on their own, compared to alternative, present day mind occupiers such as TV and video games. 

Unable to expand and improve the basic block to a 21st century design, traditional block manufacturers have resorted to clever marketing gimmicks to keep excitement, and move lots of product. 

Manufacturers bait children with associations to well known movies and characters. These block sets are in fact now more like puzzles where the structure to build is provided on the box cover, often related to a movie character that reels the child in. The child is spoon-fed right from the start on what to build and how to build it, with not much left to the child’s imagination and creativity. The result is sizable opportunity loss for optimal creative thinking and brain development. This situation is all in part due to the fact that the traditional blocks’s limited connectability is not so exciting in the present day world. 

SNAPO is an updated, supercharged, 21st century version of traditional toy blocks offering exciting new 3D connective features, bringing excitement to blocks, for creative, open ended building, and free play. The inventor, and co-owner of Snapo Christian Sorensen grew up building and playing with traditional building blocks. Blocks were his favorite toys.  Traditional blocks have many connective limitations and can only connect top to bottom, enabling connecting on just 2 of 6 block side surfaces. So while building, Christian and his friends often thought of how great it would be if blocks could be improved so that they could also connect on the remaining 4 sides of the blocks. This would open up a whole new dimension of creative possibilities - the

ability to create what you want without the usual limitations of connectability.  He personally envisioned one day finding a way to do that and create the Next Level of building blocks.

It would be 25 years later, after having first built up an industrial fastener business based on inventive engineering, that the aha moment came – by using the connection system he developed for cable tie fasteners and applying that to a building block. 

From that point it then took years of intense research and development and proto typing to fine tune a locking mechanism that was user friendly – blocks would need to connect on all sides with ease, yet hold together well. The end result is what you see today. The building block of the future – a block that connects on all 6 sides of the block, plus connected blocks can even slide and rotate in reference to one another. It even has an attractive audio “SNAP” component.

SNAPO finally allows you to create what you imagine by overcoming connective limitations of traditional blocks.

From the time the block was finally perfected, Christian partnered with like-minded individuals to bring this 21st century building block of the future, into the world for all to enjoy.