Q: Where can I buy Snapo products?

Snapo toy blocks can be purchased:


- on-line at www.snapo.com


- in SNAPO KIOSKS in the following Shopping Malls at San Diego, CA county 


      Westfield North County Fair

      The Temecula Promenade

      Fashion Valley 


- in a few selected specialty toy, novelty, and gift retailers in USA. 


- through Specialized Direct Marketing Sales Consultants that can make them available to your school and your home



Q: How do Snapo blocks connect?

Snapo engineers developed a patented technology that allows Snapo blocks to snap together sideways, top to bottom as well as slide and rotate

Q: What are Snapo blocks made with?

Snapo blocks are made in USA with a blend of FDA approved, non-toxic plastic resin for long-lasting fun and durability. All Snapo blocks are BPA-free, lead-free and have been certified both in USA an CE (European Union)

Q: Where is Snapo made?

Snapo products are proudly made in the USA

Q: Do Snapo products meet safety standards?

Yes, Snapo products have been evaluated by a certified toy testing laboratory for conformance to industry standards, including ASTM. All parts meet applicable safety standards for being non-toxic and non-magnetic. Age appropriate labels are included to inform possible choke hazard.

Q: Are Snapo blocks compatible with other brands?

Yes, Snapo products are compatible with some connective features on major brands.

Q: Can I wash Snapo blocks?

Yes, Snapo blocks can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water and they can be air dried.

Q: How are Snapo blocks made?

Snapo blocks are manufactured with a blend of plastic resins using an injection molding process.

Q: What are the flat clear white pieces for?

Snapo blocks connect on all sides plus slide and rotate. In some cases, you may want to stabilize a structure and prevent some blocks from sliding. In those applications, insert the clear white base plate into the bottom of the blocks. This will stabilize the structure and not allow those blocks to slide

Q: Are there mixed color Snapo sets?

All Snapo sets have multiple colors.

At present they come mixed as follows:

Red, White, Black

Blue, Yellow, Red

Green, Yellow, Brown

Pink, Purple, White

Every set has a dominant color (the first mentioned in each mix)